Completed Projects

    Educational Engineering

    Training | July-September 2019

    - Preparation of trainings on humanitatian aid, accountability and quality of the humanitarian aid, and protection for several NGOs of the Central African Republic (Projected supported by the EU, Bekou Fund).

    Report - Human Rights in Bangladesh/Asylum

    Report | June 2019

    - Contribution of ND Consultance, on the Rohingyas refugees in Bangladesh, to the Annual Report of Forum Réfugiés-Cosi (pp.19 to 23), released on the occasion the World Day for Refugees.

    Educational Engineering

    Training | June 2019

    - Conduct of a two-day training focused on the geopolitical, the historical and the social context of Afghanistan for persons following on the administrative and social level Afghan asylum seekers and refugees in France.

    Educational Engineering

    Training | June 2019

    - Conduct of one-day workshop on the Rule of Law, and its stakes of implementation in post-conflict transitions, ENA, Paris, 12th of June 2019).

    Educational Engineering

    Training | May 2019

    - Preparation and conduct of two trainings focused on torture prevention and the methodology of documentation of Human Rights violations for representatives of the Mauritanian civil society, in the framework of the Support Project for democracy and social cohesion (PADCS, Nouakchott and Kaedi, May 2019).

    International Election Observation

    Analysis/prospective | June - October 2018

    Expert-Human Rights Analyst within the European Union Election Observation Mission in Pakistan (25th of July Elections).

    Educational Engineering

    Training | September 2018

    Lecturer at Bioforce Institute on InternationalHumanitarian Law and Ethics.

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    Educational Engineering

    Training | February 2017

    Lecture on the conduct of humanitarian projects, Master 2 Cooperation and International Solidarity, University Evry Val d'Essonne.

    Evaluation/Impact studies

    Studies | October 2017

    - Needs-Assessment mission regarding the training and capacity building of the National Commission of Human Rights and Liberties in the Comoros Islands. October 2017.

    Evaluation/Prospective (AFD)

    Studies | 2018

    - Consultancy aiming at the writing of a policy paper in the review entitled Mediterra. Title of the policy paper : « Migrations, Asylum : the role of the development agencies », AFD, Presses de Sciences Po.

    Educational Engineering

    Training | April 2018

    - Training sessions on lobbying strategies and technics on the international level, in the framework of short training curricula (CISAP) of the National School of Administration (ENA).


    Training | February 2018

    - Preparation and coordination of three training sessions in the framework of the course titled "Rule of Law" developped by the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflit Resolution. Training sessions delivered on the following topics : Ethics and Rule of Law, integration of security matters in developing projects pertaining to Rule of Law, Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising, Reporting, Integration of gender perspective in projects pertaining to Rule of Law.


    Lecture | Janvier 2018

    - Inauguration of the Executive School of Perpignan University's Faculty of Law, with a lecture entitled "Migration, Refugees and Asylum, January 2018.


    Documentaire ENA | 2018-02-06

    CISAP - Le management de crise et la gestion post-conflit:
    Courte l'interview de Nordine Drici, représentant du cabinet ND Consultance,
    au sein du cycle international de formation CISAP de l'Ecole National d'Administration débutant en 2018.

    Copyrights Vidéos © Tous Droits Réservés, ENA, 2018

    Educational Engineering

    Training | December 2017

    - Set up of a training/workshop on the role of the magistrate in the course of criminal procedures regarding torture prevention, for 10 Mauritanian magistrates.

    Evaluation Reports / Impact Studies

    Study | October 2017

    Fact-finding missions to assess needs in terms of training and capacity building of the new formed Burkinabe Human Rights Commission.

    Evaluation Reports / Impact Studies

    Study | 2016

    Study on the impact and effects of World Congresses against Death penalty organised by ECPM since 2001. In partnership with consulting firm 6 pm focused on advocacy strategies and methodology.

    Drafting of advocacy Reports

    Reports | 2017-02

    - Writing and forthcoming release of a book on the issue of Human Rights in Bangladesh, following the conduct of a fact finding mission in Dhaka in the course of December 2016.

    Educational Engineering

    Training| 2017

    Preparation and conduct of a training focused on the assessment of conditions of detention and treatment of migrants deprived of their freedom, for members of a Libyan civil society organisation, in partnership with ECPAT.

    Educational Engineering

    Training| 2017-01

    Preparation and conduct of two training sessions on the issue of asssessment of detention conditions and treatment of persons deprived of their freedom, to Mauritanian Human Rights Defenders, in partnership with ACAT-France.

    Drafting of capitalization and advocacy Reports

    Training | 2017-02

    Organization of a workshop on the issue of sensitisation and adovcacy and torturte prevention in Guinea, to a group of Guinean Human Rights Defenders, in partnership with Aide et Action.

    Educational Engineering

    Workshop | 2016

    Conception, drafting and implementation of a training workshop in Nouakchott (Mauritania) on the role of lawyers in the criminal process related to the fight against torture. Training designed for a dozen of lawyers of the Mauritanian Bar Association. In partnership with ACAT-France .

    Educational Engineering

    Training | 2016-2017

    Preparation of three training sessions included in two international short curricula focused n public administration (CISAP) delivered by the French National School of Administration (ENA) on issues pertaining to democratic governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights in electoral periods.

    Editorial coordination

    Reports | 2015-07-06

    Drafting, together with Mauritanian NGOs (AMDH, Al-Rafah) of the Records of the workshop held in Nouakchott end of July 2016 on alternatives to death penalty in the country.

    Drafting of capitalization and advocacy Reports

    Reports | 2016-09-23

    Writing, in collaboration with ECPM and Moroccan partners, of a capitalization note focused on actions developed since 2003 by the Morrocan Coalition against Death Penalty.

    Drafting of capitalization and advocacy Reports

    Reports | 2016-05

    Production of a advocacy report and of a synthesis note on the issue of the fight against torture and impunity in Guinea-Conakry.

    Educational Engineering

    Training | 2016-05

    Conduct, in the course of May 2016, in Nouakchott (Mauritania), in partnership with ACAT-France, of two training sessions on the question of the international definition of torture and methods of documentation of torture cases, for 16 Mauritanian Human Rights defenders.

    Editorial Coordination

    Congress | 2016

    With ECPM, coordination and writing of the Regional Congress on the abolition of Death Penalty in Asia Records (June 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, published in June 2016).

    Editorial Coordination

    Book| 2014

    With ECPM, coordination and writing of a book on death penalty in Iran (November 2014).

    Organisation of seminars

    Seminar | 2016-07

    Conception and set up, in the course of July 2016, in Mauritania (Nouakchott), in partnership with ECPM, of a seminar gathering roughly thirty Human Rights defenders from Mauritania on issues pertaining to alternatives to capital punishement.

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    Critical analysis of Reports

    Analysis, Partnership | 2015-04

    Critical perusal, in parternship with the consulting firm Autrement Conseil, of a report focused on gender and women rights perspective with regards to mixed migration in the Horn of Africa (report produced in the framework of a project carried out by Expertise France).

    Educational Engineering

    Workshop / Training | 2013-07

    ENA/National School of Administration : in the framework of international short specialized curricula on public administration (CISAP) on Protection of Human Rights (September/October 2012), conduct on various trainings on French cooperation policy on Human Rights/Humans Rights, Development, and women rights.  

    Educational Engineering

    Workshop / Training | 2013-07

    Conception and conduct of a training in the framework of continuing education. 2-day Workshop/training on the following topic : « Observation of Electoral Processes : stakes and methodological tools ».

    Educational Engineering

    Lecturer | 2011-2013

    INALCO : Lecturer within the High International Studies (HEI) Department, on issues focused on international humanitarian Affairs.

    Educational Engineering

    Coordination and animation of workshops | 2012

    INALCO : coordination and animation, together with the French Office of Human Rights Watch, of two pre-professional workshops for Students of the Master International Relations in 2012, aiming at the production of two thematic reports.

    Ingénierie pédagogique: Université Louis Lumière Lyon 2

    Lecturer | 2012-2013

    University of Louis-Lumière Lyon 2 : Lecturer within the Master in Electoral Engineering and Compared Democratization in 2012 and 2013. Thematics : Human Rights and Elections, ways to work in pairs during electoral monitoring missions, security management during electoral observations missions.

    Educational Engineering

    Seminar | 2014-10-29

    IIDH : Students of the legal clinic followed a seminar led by Nordine Drici, Director of Programmes of ACAT-France, on activities carried out by ACAT-France. This seminar also aimed at identifying future cooperation of the legal clinic in ACAT projects, such as the production of article for ACAT website or ACAT magazine, or the writing of synthetis reports on torture.


    Organisation of Regional Conferences

    Conference | 2014-07

    FEMED : Organisation of the 4th Euromediterranean Congress of the Associations of the Families of the Disappeared (23 and 24 November 2013 in Beyrouth (Lebanon), gathering associations of the Families of the Disappeared from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea (Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Serbia, Turkey), Lebanese and international NGOs, local and international experts on the follosing topic : « Enforced Disappearances, Truth and the fight against impunity ».


    Situation Analysis and Fact Finding Missions

    Reports | 2013-06

    With the FEMED, production of the Mission Report on the issue of Enforced Disappearances in Tunisia, June 2013


    Situation Analysis and Fact Finding Missions

    Reports | 2013-03

    With the FEMED, production of a Mission Report on the issue of Enforced Disappearances in Libya, March 2013.